Sunday, September 11, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Bethe Correia vs Jessica Eye

Here's the fight video of Bethe Correia vs Jessica Eye from last night's UFC show in Cleveland. This aired on the prelims on Fox Sports 1 in the US and The Fight Network in Canada. Remember when Bethe got a title shot and Jessica was fighting for a title shot. Those were the days. Now both are on losing streaks. Jessica even admitted being on the chopping block. And she went to see a sports psychologist. I think she would have been better off improving her ground game. That wasn't going to be a problem in this fight as Bethe has no ground game either. So I expected this fight to go the distance as neither are finishers. I thought Jessica won the first two rounds and Bethe won the third. But it was very close and neither fighter has much power. I didn't see either fighter getting a finish. I have seen the scorecards. All three judges scored round one 10-9 for Jessica and all three scored round three 10-9 for Bethe. But one judge scored round two 10-9 for Jessica and the other two scored round two 10-9 for Bethe. I don't agree with the decision. But as Jessica admitted on Twitter, that's what happens when a you don't finish fights. Sometimes you're on the wrong end of the decision. I didn't think either of them did enough to get a decisive win and that's what both needed to go back up the ladder. Both are going nowhere. Enjoy the video!

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  1. I feel badly for Jessica Eye. But at least she admits she knows what her problem is. Its to bad she may be gone soon. I wish she had done something about her game sooner in her career. Now she may be gone and that is a shame. I wonder who Beth will fight next and where she will go from here.