Thursday, December 31, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-RENA vs Jleana Valentino

Here's the match video of RENA vs Jleana Valentino from today's RIZIN show at Saitana Super Arena in Japan. This did not air on Spike TV's condensed version of the show but I suspect devotees saw the match on the Russian feed which is where this Youtube video is from. Of course RENA is the Shoot Boxer trying MMA though she said in numerous interviews over the years that she would never do MMA. After this fight was announced, she admitted that former PRIDE owner Sakikabara threw enough money at her to convince her to do it. Based on this fight, she should probably forget about MMA unless it is in RIZIN. Because anyone who is any good would destroy her. Fortunately for RENA, her opponent is an Italian kickboxer who is even more useless at MMA than RENA. RENA trained at AACC with Ayaka Hamasaki. Another complication is that RENA injured her hand a month ago. It's likely that if this wasn't such a high profile show, she would have dropped out. In round one, what you will notice is that RENA is trying to avoid punching because of her injured hand. She does score a couple of takedowns because Jleana has zero takedown defense. And Jleana's cluelessness leads to the round two finish when Jleana stumbles into a flying armbar. Of course some moron fanboys will try to convince you that RENA was impressive. But really the only impressive thing about RENA is that she is hot. The finish is because her opponent is incompetent. And until RENA has an MMA fight against a half decent opponent, the jury is out. And for RIZIN, I don't expect her to face anyone half decent. Enjoy the video!

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