Sunday, December 20, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs Randa Markos

Here's the match video of karolina Kowalkiewicz vs Randa Markos from last night's UFC show from Orlando, FL. It aired on FOX in the US and CTV2 in Canada. Of course Randa did well in TUF and she's 1-1 in the UFC. She won her last fight over Aisling Daly. Just to clarify because there was some confusion because Mike Goldberg is an idiot. Randa was born in Iraq but her parents moved to Windsor, ON when she was a child. Randa has recently moved to Montreal to train at Tri-Star. She is primarily a wrestler. She needs to improve her striking. Karolina is a striker but doesn't have the power to finish. So she's a points fighter. And that's how she beat MIZUKI in Invicta a couple of years ago. Other than that, Karolina was fighting subpar competition for KSW in Poland. They pay well so she was a tough signing for the UFC. Goldberg said Karolina was a late replacement. I think he was confusing her with Valentina Shevchenko. I scored round one 10-9 for Randa for better cage control. Karolina did land a couple of punches which might have stolen her the round with the judges. But I didn't think she was busy enough. And her corner even told her that between rounds. So it was a close round but I thought Randa won it. And Randa certainly won round two by getting Karolina's back and attempting a rear naked choke. Karolina did defend well. In round three, Randa went for a takedown but ended up on the bottom. So that killed round three. But I thought Randa won the first two rounds so I scored the fight 29-28 for Randa. The judges scored it 2 X 29-28 and 30-27 for Karolina. I thought it would be a split decision because round one was very close and I'm not big on round stealing. The 30-27 is stupid. I do think Randa needs to work on her striking defense. But points fighting is going to get Karolina in trouble. It's not always going to go her way. She may not be so fortunate next time. Enjoy the video.

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