Thursday, December 31, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Gabi Garcia vs Lei'D Tapa

Here's the match video of Gabi Garcia vs Lei'D Tapa from today's RIZIN show at Saitama Super Arena in Japan. This match did air on the Spike TV condensed version of the show. This fight was the train wreck that I expected. Gabi is the super heavyweight BJJ champ who has wanted to fight MMA for several years. Of course the problem is there are no opponents for her. I was not surprised when I heard that mediocre heavyweight pro wrestler Lei'D Tapa was training at American Top Team in Florida to train for this freak show. This fight is on the level of one of those bar fight shows of the dark days of MMA. Were their eyes closed while they were wildly swinging? The one thing you will notice is that Gabi is huge. Tapa is a big girl but Gabi dwarfs her. Tapa drops Gabi but she doesn't know how to follow up on that to go for a finish. So Gabi comes back and inevitably drops Tapa with a back fist that seemed like an accident. Then some ground and pound and it's over. It doesn't change anything. Gabi would be an attraction if there were any credible opponents for her. But there aren't. I can't imagine who RIZIN would get to face her. Enjoy the video!

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