Wednesday, December 02, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Juluka

Song:Scatterlings Of Africa
Album:The Best Of Juluka

Johnny Clegg was born in England but he is probably best known for helping to popularize South African music with his bands Juluka and Savuka. He first recorded Scatterlings Of Africa with Juluka. It was a hit single in Europe. You may have heard the song in the hit film Rain Man. Clegg was born June 7, 1953 in Bacup, Lancashire, England. His parents divorced and Clegg moved with his mother to South Africa. An interest in Celtic music led to an interest in Zulu music. He then met Sipho Mchunu and they formed Juluka. When Juluka was formed in the late 70s, biracial bands were not allowed in South Africa. Juluka defied this which got them international acclaim and a record deal with Warner Bros. Scatterlings of Africa was on Juluka's 1982 album Scatterlings. This was Juluka's first US release. The album did well but Mchunu quit the music business to move back to his farm and take care of his family. Clegg simply formed a new band Savuka and he had success with them as well. He also recorded Scatterlings Of Africa with Savuka and the song was a hit in Europe. The video I have is the Savuka version. The song was used in the 1988 hit film Rain Man and I think that helped generate interest in Clegg's music in general. This budget CD covers Juluka. Savuka ended when Clegg's partner Dudu Zulu was murdered in 1993. Juluka reunited and toured in the 90s. Clegg continues to record and tour today. He has done a lot to popularize South African music. Here's the video for Scatterlings Of Africa by Johnny Clegg & Savuka.

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