Sunday, December 20, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-John Allred & Wycliffe Gordon

Artist:John Allred & Wycliffe Gordon
Song:It's All Right With Me
Album:Head To Head

There's a tradition in jazz of trombone duos going back to J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding back in the 50s. This is a modern day reinvention of that tradition featuring two of today's top jazz trombonists. John Allred is the band leader. He was born 1962 in Rock Island, IL. His dad Bill Allred played trombone. He started out in Los Angeles playing in a Dixieland band at Disneyland. He joined Woody Herman's band. Then Allred moved to Orlando, FL and he was a big part of Harry Connick Jr.'s big band. For the film My Girl, Allred taught Dan Ayckroyd to mimic a tuba player and Allred played on the soundtrack. And he worked with his dad's band. Since moving to New York City in 1999, Allred has played with The Toshiko Akiyoshi Bag Band, The Woody Herman Orchestra and The Carnegie Hall Jazz Orchestra and occasionally recorded as a leader. Wycliffe Gordon was born May 29, 1967 in Waynesboro, GA. His dad was a church organist and piano teacher. Gordon got into jazz in high school and his music teacher played trombone. Gordon was a member of Wynton Marsalis' band for several years. Since 1999, he has recorded occasionally as a leader. But for the most part, Gordon is still a sideman. Head To Head was released in 2002 and is clearly influenced by those 50s trombone duos. Musicians are John Sheridan on piano, Charlie Silva on bass and Eddie Metz Jr. on drums. This one off project is recommended to fans of those trombone duos. Both Allred and Gordon have returned to being sidemen and occasionally recording as leaders. Here's a video for It's All Right With Me by John Allred & Wycliffe Gordon.

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