Thursday, December 17, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Emma

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Emma from yesterday's NXT Takeover London show. I am posting it for those who don't have the WWE Network. A couple of weeks ago, there was supposed to be an Asuka vs Dana Brooke rematch. But Emma sneaked up on Asuka and applied her Emma lock. Then the two came out to distract Asuka during a subsequent match and Asuka KOd her opponent with a spinning head kick. So that set up the match on the live show. The Aussie Emma was on the main roster. But she was sent back to NXT to reinvent herself as a heel. She's done a good job. But the crowd is chanting "Asuka's Gonna Kill You" for a reason. The crowd goes bonkers for Asuka's entrance. The match was very competitive but the finish was overbooked. Emma got her trademark moves in and Asuka sold them well. The turning point of the match is when Emma is going to curb stomp Asuka to set her up for the Emma lock. Instead, Asuka reverses it and turns it into an ankle lock followed by a German suplex and a Shining Wizard. That reversal was amazing. Then we get a ref bump. And Dana throws her belt into the ring so Emma can clobber Asuka with it. But Asuka gets it away from her and the belt is tossed out of the ring. While Asuka applies her Asuka lock finish, we get a phantom tap out because Dana distracts the ref and throws the belt back into the ring. Emma tries to hit Asuka with the belt. But Asuka nails her with a spinning head kick and the match is over. Asuka wins. Later on in the show, Bayley successfully defended her NXT Women's Championship over monster heel Nia Jax. The match was OK but Nia is very inexperienced and she hasn't figured out how to flow her work properly. At this point her matches need to be kept short. Before the match, Nia did a backstage interview. Asuka confronted her, licked her lips and smiled. So I guess they are going to do a program with these two. Someone asked me if Asuka had ever worked with Aja Kong. I don't think so. Aja works mostly for Oz Academy and Asuka never worked there. Asuka might have worked with Kyoko Inoue during her Passion Red days. But those two are experienced wrestlers and the problem with Nia is her lack of experience. We'll see if Asuka get get a good match out of her. So far she has been really good. Enjoy the video.
Asuka vs Emma by MrCena456

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