Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jessica Aguilar wins bogus WSOF title mismatch

Here's the fight video from last night's WSOF show of Jessica Aguilar vs Alida Gray. As expected, it was a ridiculous mismatch. Someone said that Jessica couldn't win this fight no matter what the result. if Alida gave a good performance or even wins, Jessica loses. But even a win for Jessica isn't a real win because it was criticized as a mismatch. Too many apologists and ranking compilers only look at the win loss figures. And that's why I don't bother with rankings because fight context is important. And this fight was extra pointless because there was no reason for it to be a title match. That could be done later when Jessica faces Emi Fujino. And the funniest thing was that Alida Gray was ranked 10th because of this fight. Huh? That's what rankings are good for, pimping undeserving fighters getting bogus title shots. And you can see in the fight video that Alida is in way over her head. After Jessica's takedown, Alida isn't able to establish her guard. Jessica gets side control and then crosses over to finish with a triangle side choke. Look, I have no problem with WSOF introducing Jessica in a mismatch. But it shouldn't have been for a title. And it also doesn't change that Jessica signing with the WSOF is a huge mistake especially with the UFC starting a 115lb division soon after she signed. Shouldn't she have known about that months before it was announced like a lot of us did? I guess she doesn't know the right people. She's now on the outside looking in. Her big problem is justifying that. And she tried to do that in an interview with Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting. She still thinks that even after a UFC champ is crowned, she should be ranked number one. But she should lose that ranking because the level of competition in the UFC is higher. She knows that. And though I don't expect her to admit that signing with WSOF was a mistake, she knows that too. Purgatory is not a fun place to be. Of course there is the suspicion that WSOF is simply a UFC placeholder and Jessica will migrate to the UFC by the end of the year. With Anthony Johnson's WSOF contract ending, we may see a test of that theory very soon. Enjoy the video! Oh and the commentary is in Spanish.

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  1. Frank, I liked your comment about Purgatory. Its really to bad she signed with WSOF. I think she belongs in the UFC. There she can really show how good she is to fans. Maybe with any luck Jessica will end up in the UFC. We can only hope.