Saturday, January 11, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Babybird

Song:You're Gorgeous
Album:Best Of Babybird

Babybird started out as a front for British singer songwriter Stephen Jones. But by the time You're Gorgeous was a top five hit in England in 1996, Jones turned Babybird into a real band. Attempts to sell Babybird in North America were unsuccessful. Jones was born Sept. 16, 1962 in Telford, Shropshire, England. He started out writing songs in the late 80s for the experimental theater group Dogs In Honey while attending Nottingham Trent University. He started recording his songs at home. After record companies rejected his demos, Chrysalis Music offered him a publishing deal. Jones released a few EPs as Babybird and then compiled them into the full length CD I Was Born A Man. This got him a record deal with Chrysalis' Echo label. And then Jones turned Babybird into a real band with Huw Chadbourn on keyboards, Robert Gregory on drums, John Pedder on bass and Luke Scott on guitar. The 1996 CD Ugly Beautiful was the first CD and You're Gorgeous was the second single. It reached #3 on the British singles chart. It turned out to be Babybird's biggest hit. The singles Candy Girl, Cornershop and Bad Old Man charted and you can get them all on this comp. Babybird was reduced to a trio for the 2000 CD Bugged. Except for performing the theme for the Gordon Ramsey cooking show The F-Word, Babybird was going nowhere. Echo dropped them and the band split up. After releasing a couple of solo CDs and composing the score for the 2004 film Blessed, Jones reformed Babybird in 2005. They released three albums and toured. Johnny Depp even appeared on one of the albums and directed one of their videos. But they were going nowhere so Jones recently announced the end of Babybird. He currently records mostly instrumental music as Black Reindeer. It looks like he wants to score films. I think You're Gorgeous is catchy enough that if it had been properly promoted in North America, it could have been a hit. Here's the video for You're Gorgeous by Babybird.

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