Sunday, January 26, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Reba McEntire

Artist:Reba McEntire
Song:Little Rock
Album:Reba's #1's

Reba McEntire has had a long career in country music and was very successful in the 80s & 90s. She has been particularly successful at aiming songs at women. The 1986 number one country hit Little Rock was one of those songs. She has also had a successful acting career especially on TV. She was born Mar. 28, 1955 in Kiowa, OK. Her father was a champion steer roper and her mother was an aspiring singer who became a teacher. Reba, brother Pake and sister Susie performed locally as The Singing McEntires. Pake McEntire recorded for RCA in the 80s. Susie Luchsinger is a Contemporary Christian singer. Reba planned to follow her mother into teaching. But country artist Red Steagall heard her sing the national anthem at the National Rodeo in Oklahoma City and got her a deal with Mercury Records in 1975. Reba recorded six albums for Mercury. And though she scored number one country hits in 1982 with Can't Even Get The Blues and You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving, she thought her albums were more pop than country and left for MCA Records in 1984. She was having the same issues at MCA when she complained to MCA Nashville president Jimmy Bowen. He told her to find some songs and he would produce. She was a lot happier with the albums My Kind Of Country and Have I Got A Deal For You. She took a different approach with the 1986 album Whoever's in New England. She recorded songs that were aimed specifically at women. It was her first Platinum album and Whoever's in New England and Little Rock were both number one country hits. The song is about a woman unhappy in a loveless marriage. It was written by Nashville DJ Gerry House and the team of Bob DiPiero and Pat McManus who also wrote The Oak Ridge Boys hit American Made. This kind of song is what made Reba's career. You can get all her hits on this 2CD comp. Reba continued to have a lot of success in the 90s and also had success in acting especially in the sitcom Reba. She moved from MCA to Valory in 2008. Her last CD was released in 2010. Her latest sitcom Malibu Country was cancelled after one season. Here's Reba McEntire performing Little Rock on Austin City Limits 1986.

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