Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ronda Rousey successfully defends UFC Bantamweight Championship over Miesha Tate

As is the custom here on the Big Bad Blog, I have the video of last night's UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship match between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Before the fight, Miesha kept talking about knocking Ronda out. But Miesha has never knocked anyone out. It just seemed delusional to me. She's not that good a striker. My old buddy Zack Arnold of Fight Opinion suggested that Miesha could get on The Condit Bicycle that Carlos Condit used to beat Nick Diaz. And I think Miesha keeping away from Ronda and the theory is to tire her out in the late rounds was their strategy. Some people think that because all of Ronda's fights had ended in round one that she isn't prepared to go five rounds. Ronda proved them all wrong. They were also thinking that if Miesha got top position on the ground, Miesha could control Ronda and wear her out. That didn't work either. And playing head games with Ronda was never going to work either. I don't know why they thought that would work. So when trying to outpunch Ronda in round one didn't work, it inevitably went to the ground. Ronda wasn't able to find Miesha's arm but she pounded her and bloodied her nose. And when Miesha got top position, Ronda was active from her guard and peppered Miesha with elbows. Did you see that recent video of Ronda training with the Gracie brothers? They worked on working from the bottom position. Ronda wins round one 10-9. Between rounds, Bryan Caraway tells Miesha their strategy is working and Ronda is tired. Boy, did they get a rude awakening. Ronda seemed fresher in round two and Miesha seemed to tire by the end of the round. She was constantly on the defensive and her efforts to get out of predicaments were taking their toll. Ronda almost hooked an armbar but Miesha turned at the last second to avoid it. Ronda wins round two 10-9. But Miesha was softened up enough that it didn't take long in round three for Ronda to take Miesha down and use some of her little tricks to get Miesha in the armbar. It's all over. Miesha put on a good show but was clearly outclassed. They won Fight Of The Night and Ronda won Submission Of The Night. Miesha offered a handshake but not surprisingly, Ronda refused. She thinks Miesha is fake and insincere. Why would Ronda think Miesha was sincere now? And of course there is her loyalty to her trainer Edmond Tarverdyan. I thought the booing after that was very funny. When I hear that, I see big money. Ronda doesn't care if the fans boo. Afterwards, UFC president Dana White announced that Ronda will defend the title against Sara McMann at UFC 170 Feb. 22 in Las Vegas. It's an easy match to sell because Sara is an Olympic medalist in wrestling. But she needs to be more aggressive to have any hope of beating Ronda. And we saw in this fight that Ronda's striking has improved, she knows how to work from the bottom and she doesn't get tired after one round. That doesn't seem like a good omen for future opponents. Cat Zingano will still get a title shot when she returns in the spring. Enjoy the video!


  1. Excellent insight, as usual, Frank, but I patently disagree with the notion that Ronda Rousey doesn't care if she's jeered. Ronda is well aware that she is everything mixed-martial-arts fans should eat up - She's young, attractive, multitalented, a proven winner, and has even represented her country in the Olympics. Assuming logic isn't a completely foreign concept to her, it would have to bother her.

  2. She said on Thursday that she is used to being booed from her judo days and she repeated that in her post match interview. If she really cared about pleasing fans and getting cheered, all she had to do is shake Miesha's hand. She thought Miesha was being insincere and didn't do that. She said she respects Miesha as a fighter but doesn't respect her as a person. She could have done the easy thing and make everyone happy. But she didn't. So I believe her when she says she doesn't care if fans boo her.

  3. Frank, Thanks for posting the video. Your insights are spot on as usual. I have to agree with your assessment of the booing incident. It make sense to me. Rhonda's biggest priority at this point it seems to me, is defending her title and selling tickets and PPV's for the UFC.