Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Julie Kedzie as Invicta matchmaker is a conflict of interest

When it was announced yesterday that recently retired fighter Julie Kedzie will add matchmaking to her Invicta broadcasting duties, my first question was will she still work as Greg Jackson's assistant at Jackson's MMA. Because if she continues to work for Jackson, that's a conflict of interest. Julie knows that. She doesn't comment on Jackson fighters when she is broadcasting Invicta shows. Does Invicta owner Shannon Knapp know this is a conflict of interest? Probably but she must figure that fans love Julie and the MMA media is notorious for not questioning things like this. The popularity of Julie Kedzie is not relevant to her abilities as a matchmaker. Nobody knows if she'll be good at it. Invicta's press release didn't even mention Jackson's MMA. We all know Julie works there in an administrative capacity. After a few hours of silence, Stephanie Daniels of Bloody Elbow asked Julie if she was still working at Jackson's. But when she said yes, Stephanie didn't ask the appropriate follow up question about conflict of interest. Oh, well. I guess someone has to mention it. It doesn't look like anyone else will. Maybe Julie's job at Jackson's will never be a problem at Invicta. But a conflict of interest is a potential problem that most fight companies would try to avoid. Why ask for trouble?

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