Monday, December 02, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 12

After the stupidity overload of last week's episode of WWE Total Divas, I was hoping this week's episode would be less stupid so my head wouldn't hurt. For the most part, they did that. Only one storyline was really dumb and even it had redeeming qualities. The episode begins with Brie Bella losing a match to Tamina Snuka on RAW. And yes, Tamina is Jimmy Snuka's daughter. Brie says she misses her currently injured sister. Cut to John Cena's house in Tampa. Nikki Bella is all moved in and talks about redecorating the house. If she's going to live there, she wants to personalize it. Cena is strangely resistant to this. And I don't think he's just a neat freak though that is suggested. I guess he doesn't want the house to look like anyone lives there. There's no food in the house. They never eat at home. Next we go to Los Angeles where Ariane of The Funkadactyls is in a recording studio. The song she is recording is terrible. She talks nonsense about extending her brand and then she convinces her boyfriend Vincent to try out for the WWE. Vincent agrees to do this to make Ariane happy. But his body language says he knows this is a bad idea. Vincent lifts weights but he isn't an athlete. I suspect this storyline was made up for the show but it becomes comic gold at the gym. Trinity of The Funkadacyls is driving with fianceè Jon Fatu when she get a call from her musician father Shawn McCray. He's coming to town and she invites him to stay at their apartment. Jon thinks this is a bad idea because the apartment is too small. But Trinity insists. Ariane and Vincent go to the WWE Performance Center for Vincent's tryout with head trainer Bill DeMott. It becomes obvious that Vincent has no cardio. He is tired in two minutes and then gets sick. They come back the next day and he's even worse. But the segment is funny because of DeMott's yelling at him. So even someone as stupid as Ariane realizes that she went too far and she apologizes to Vincent. I know what she was thinking but it shows how stupid she is. They also have a couple of segments showing Cena's weird behavior regarding the house. Nikki even goes out to buy food so she can cook dinner for him. He doesn't like that. He thinks his pristine house will be ruined. Trinity and Jon butt heads about her dad staying with them. He's in the bed and they're sleeping in on the couch. The last straw is when they have a party at the apartment after the band's gig. Jon wants to sleep as he has to get up in the morning. Fortunately, Trinity get the message and talks to her dad about moving to a hotel. Fortunately, he's a nice guy and he likes Jon. Crisis is over. When someone is as rich and famous as John Cena, everyone wants to be your friend. But when Cena has a real problem, he goes to his best friend Rob McIntyre to get the truth. They play some chess at Rob's gym and Cena explains the problem. Basically, Rob tells him to stop being silly. And when Nikki comes home, she finds some items representing the decision to allow Nikki to give the woman's touch to the house. All's well that ends well. Enjoy the video!
WWE Totol Divas Episode 12 by mrlog45

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