Monday, December 16, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 14

Here's the video for the season one finale of WWE Total Divas. I'm not sure why E! did this but this episode is ten minutes longer than the others. And with a WWE PPV last night, I'm sure a lot of fans PVRd this show. And if you did, you're missing the last ten minutes. Never fear. I have the entire episode for your enjoyment. The episode begins with RAW in New Orleans. Nikki Bella tells her sister Brie her period is late and she decides to take a pregnancy test. These two argue about how to use it for five minutes. She's not pregnant. This segment should have been left on the cutting room floor. AJ Wilson is trying to wake up wife Nattie Neidhart at the hotel. Apparently she went on quite a bender last night. They even call it Brie Mode which is pretty funny. It seems Nattie doesn't remember several voice mails to Stephanie McMahon and now Stephanie wants to see her. Nattie thinks she might be fired and decides to avoid Stephanie. This is one of these storylines that I am pretty sure is 100% nonsense. It just makes Nattie look stupid. In Tampa, Nikki invites her college girlfriends to see the house. Of course the subject of marriage and motherhood comes up and John Cena told Nikki on their first date that he won't get married and doesn't want kids. The girls grill Cena and he explains it. But now it's bothering Nikki. Of course she wants to be a mom. Eva Marie and fiancee Jonathan are going to see her family to get their approval of her marriage. It didn't go well. They think she's rushing into it. At first they decide to elope. Then Eva Marie changes her mind and tells Jonathan to wait six months as she really wants her family to approve of them. He's OK with it but how long will he be OK with it? Bryan Danielson takes girlfriend Brie Bella on a Big Sur camping trip. The setting is beautiful and Bryan decides to propose marriage. Brie accepts. Then both families emerge and that was a big surprise. The families had never met before. It was a great segment and great planning by Bryan Danielson. A highlight of the season. RAW is at the Rosemont Horizon near Chicago. Nattie is fretting about her meeting with Stephanie. Stephanie doesn't fire her or yell at her. She does play the voice mails. And she says she might play them for Vince. The voice mails were mostly Nattie complaining that she isn't champ. BTW, they show Nikki getting clearance to return to the ring. So now she talks to Cena about motherhood. He repeats his position and he isn't changing it. Is it a deal breaker for Nikki? That's your cliffhanger for season two which will begin in March. But I think we already know Nikki didn't leave or it would have been reported already. Enjoy the video!
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 14... by wwetotaldivas

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