Monday, December 09, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 13

This is probably the first episode of WWE Total Divas where all three major storylines seem to be based in real life instead of at least one being phony. The first big storyline is The Bella Twins are bickering as usual. The subject is that Nikki Bella has been out with an ankle injury for five months and Brie starts to think that she won't return. Brie has a shot at the WWE Divas Championship coming up at Night Of Champions. She says she never thought she would get that chance. But she has actually held the title a couple of times. Not all of us have short memories. I guess it's more dramatic this way. I believe this storyline because these two idiots bicker about everything. Next we have a big crisis at Nattie Neidhart's house. Her beloved cat Gismo collapsed and she rushes home to take him to the vet. The vet tells her he suffered a stroke and the best course of action is to put him to sleep so he doesn't suffer. A pet dying is very traumatic and in addition Nattie's husband TJ Wilson is returning to the ring after a serious knee injury. TJ is so upset about Gismo, he's thinking about delaying his return. Trinity McCray of The Funkadactyls is doing a photoshoot for Jet Magazine. That's a big deal for her. But fiancee Jon Fatu Jr. doesn't want her to pose in a bikini. Both Trinity and Jet veto that. And she is told by Mark of Talent Relations that the WWE is planning on doing a romance angle with Trinity after Night Of Champions. So TJ returns to the ring in a dark match against NXT champ Bo Dallas. He is one of two sons of retired WWE wrestler Mike Rotundo who now works backstage in the WWE. His other son is Bray Wyatt. TJ and Nattie return home to say goodbye to Gismo. Of course it's very sad but regular folks have to do this too and I thought TJ and Nattie handled it very well. This has been my favourite Total Divas storyline to date. The Bella Twins are still bickering and Nikki and Eva Marie are to accompany Brie to the ring at Night Of Champions in Detroit. But plans change and the WWE decides not to have them do that. And they have also told The Bella Twins that they may split them up and have them feud. The girls don't want that. They did tease a split on TV but didn't go through with it. I would like to see a split and see how it affects their behaviour. WWE Talent Relations tells Trinity that Jon nixed the romance angle. Trinity is pissed. She goes to Brodus Clay (George Murdoch) for advice and he tells her to confront Jon. And she does. He admits he is jealous about Trinity kissing another guy even in a storyline. But she tells him this is business and they are actors and he should trust her. She wants the TV time and he shouldn't jeopardize that. Jon apologizes and they do make up. But I doubt he has learned his lesson. I liked Trinity before but now I really like her. She's a badass. The episode ends with TJ bringing home a kitten that looks remarkably like Gismo. Nattie is delighted and dresses him up. That was a great ending. Next week is the season finale of WWE Total Divas and the teaser at the end of this video is a must watch. No spoilers from me. Enjoy the video!
WWE - Total Divas - Season 01 - Episode 13... by wwetotaldivas

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