Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Miriam Nakamoto out with a torn ACL

On Saturday's Invicta show, Lauren Murphy took Miriam Nakamoto down and Miriam injured her knee. She was unable to continue and Lauren won the Invicta Bantamweight Championship. The big question now is how bad is the injury. Miriam had an MRI today and posted on Twitter that she has a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). That's the worst possible news she could get as an MCL or a meniscus injury isn't nearly as bad. This certainly puts her future in the fight game in jeopardy. Now she will have surgery and I guess it depends what the doctor finds during surgery. Generally, it takes about a year to recover from an ACL injury. And as we saw recently with Ayaka Hamasaki, it's also possible her doctors will tell her she can't fight anymore. In addition, at 37 years of age, time is not in Miriam's favour. Unfortunately, the chances of Miriam returning to fighting are not good and I think she is aware of that. It's sad to see any fighter forced into retirement. But that's one of the risks of entering the cage. Can she beat the odds? Anything is possible. But I've been around long enough to know that it doesn't look good. Let's keep Miriam in our prayers and wish her good luck.

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