Wednesday, December 18, 2013

RENA, MIO to appear on SHOOT BOXING's Oikawa retirement show

RENA, Li Jiwaen
On Dec. 23, SHOOT BOXING veteran Tomohiro Oikawa will have his retirement show at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. He is also the trainer of RENA and MIO so I expected both of them to appear on the show. SHOOT BOXING announced today that RENA will face Korean kickboxer Li Jiwaen. Li is the current J-Girls Korea 50kg champ. Her record is 16-1. Her problem is the same as any foreign kickboxer trying SHOOT BOXING. She doesn't know the rules. And RENA is very experienced and really good at SHOOT BOXING. And she's a good enough kickboxer to counter anything Li tries to do. I just don't see her being any more successful than other foreigners. SHOOT BOXING is too weird. And MIO, who SHOOT BOXING tries to sell as RENA's sister (she's not), will face Kira Chihiro. Kira was the 2013 J-Girls Atomweight New Heroine Champion. Apparently her sister lost to MIO in last summer's JKS48 tournament so she's looking for revenge. SHOOT BOXING also announced that the 2014 Girls S-Cup will be June 21 at Korakuen Hall.

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