Tuesday, April 09, 2013

RENA's return set for Apr. 20 SHOOT BOXING show

RENA, To Pui-ling
A couple of weeks ago, SHOOT Boxing announced that RENA would return on their Apr. 20 Korakuen Hall show. Today they announced that her opponent will be Taiwanese kickboxer To Pui-ling. Of course you may recall that RENA broke her foot while training and required surgery. Pins were inserted in her foot. Despite this, she returned and won the 2012 Girls S-Cup. But she needed more surgery to remove the pins. To Pui-ling seems more experienced than the usual suspect these promoters bring to Japan. She started out as a boxer and was a member of Taiwan's international boxing team. She switched to kickboxing in 2009 and has been unbeaten since 2011. Apparently she won some sort of title last year but in some of these countries they give out belts like toys in a box of Cracker Jack. They claim on the SHOOT BOXING website that she's a TV star in Taiwan. I dunno about that. She doesn't look like an idol to me. That seems like SB owner Taskeshi Caesar trying to sell her to dirty old men. It's unnecessary as RENA attracts them already. Of course the big question is like any kickboxer, how will To Pui-ling adapt to the goofy SHOOT BOXING rules? Some do OK but a lot don't figure them out. At least she is an experienced kickboxer.

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