Thursday, April 04, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Carla Bruni

Artist:Carla Bruni
Song:Le Toi Du Moi
Album:Quelqu'un M'a Dit

These days Carla Bruni is best known as the wife of French president Nicolas Sarkozy. And she was once a supermodel. But she is also an accomplished singer songwriter and is very popular in France. And she just released a new album. She was born Dec. 23, 1967 in Turin, Italy. Her mother is concert pianist Marisa Borini and her legal father is tire magnate Alberto Bruni Tedeschi. In 2008, she told Vanity Fair her biological father is Brazilian grocery magnate Maurizio Remmert. Her sister is actress and director Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Carla grew up in France and at age 19 she became a Guess? Jeans model. By the 90s she was one of the highest paid models in the world and she was in the modeling industry film Pret a Porter. She also dated Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger among others. In 1997 she quit modeling to chase her childhood dream of becoming a singer songwriter. She signed with Naive Records and her debut CD Quelqu'un M'a Dit was released in 2003. The album topped the French charts and was a hit in other European countries. The CD was produced by Louis Bertignac of the pioneer French punk band Telephone. Carla wrote all the songs. Her subsequent albums also did well. In 2007 she met French president Nicolas Sarkozy at a party and they married on Feb. 2, 2008. Though Carla accompanies him on state tours, she continues to do other things. She made her acting debut in Woody Allen's 2011 film Midnight In Paris. And this week she has released a new CD Little French Songs on Verve Records and she has written all the songs. When someone like Carla Bruni has had a lot of notoriety, one might question her musical talent. But she is actually pretty good and is worth checking out. Here's Carla Bruni performing Le Toi Du Moi.

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