Saturday, April 20, 2013

RENA successfully returns on Apr. 20 SHOOT BOXING show

SHOOT BOXING glamour girl RENA returned after surgery to remove pins from her foot on today's show at Korakuen Hall. SHOOT BOXING owner Takeshi Caesar is already trying to set things up for the Girls S-Cup in August. So he brought in Dutch kickboxer Lorena Klijn. You may recall that she beat Erika Kamimura at the 2012 Girls S-Cup and then lost to VV Mei. Against Erika, she got away with some questionable tactics. The problem with bringing over any gaijin kickboxer is they don't know the SHOOT BOXING rules, especially the throws. Look, Caesar is the only one who knows the rules. So the potential for corruption is high. What Caesar wants to do is sell Lorena as a good old fashioned gaijin monster heel threatening his top babyface. That's pro wrestling booking 101. Back in the 70s, every US wrestler who came to All Japan Women was evil. And of course long time fans will remember the 1978 arrival in Japan of Calgary native Rhonda "Monster Ripper" Sing. She was the very first gaijin monster heel and was very successful. RIP Rhonda. So this kind of booking is nothing new. So at yesterday's press conference, Lorena screamed at RENA in English. RENA pretended to not understand her. In pro wrestling, we would call that a no sell. RENA did her talking in the ring. Her opponent was Taiwanese kickboxer To Pui-ling. She's supposed to be a decent kickboxer. But RENA dominated her. She scored with throws and strikes for the first two rounds. And she nailed her with a back drop suplex. That has to discombobulate a kickboxer. In round three, RENA hooked a standing choke and it was over at 1:12. They don't have standing chokes in kickboxing either. Meanwhile, Lorena Klijn's opponent was Miyo Yoshida. I know what Caesar wanted Lorena to do. It didn't happen. Lorena had trouble with Miyo and won a very tight decision. One judge scored it a draw and the other two scored it for Lorena. Maybe she's not that good. Well, she trains with Andy Souwer. I'm sure he can straighten her out. As a pathetic timewaster, Caesar is running another 48kg schoolgirl tournament to push "RENA's little sister" MIO. Psst, they aren't really sisters. MIO won over Fuko Yoshino by unanimous decision and Kira*Yuuki won over Yusa Tachi by unanimous decision. They will do two more matches in June and the semi finals and final will be on the big August show.

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