Sunday, April 28, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Sara McMann vs Sheila Gaff

Here's the video of Sara Mcmann vs Sheila Gaff from last night's UFC show in Newark, New Jersey, eyepoke capital of the world. Sara was the favourite as she should be. Sheila's chance to win was to avoid Sara's wrestling. Sara tends not to be aggressive so that can be done. I told someone that Sheila will either KO Sara or get in trouble trying to KO Sara. The latter is what happened. Sometimes a fighter has to adjust her style to the opponent. I don't know what made Sheila think she could rush out and get a quick KO. That's the opposite to what she should have done. What she should have done was get Sara comfortable standing with her and then get more aggressive. So Sheila got taken down. And though she defended well and Sara didn't do anything, it gave Sara the confidence that she could take Sheila down and control her. The ref stood them up. Though Sheila landed a couple of knees in the clinch, she needed to separate and avoid the inevitable takedown. This time Sara got side control and started pounding and it was just a question of if Sheila could survive the round. Sara McMann wins by TKO at 4:44 of round one. She won the fight easily but she still wasn't aggressive enough. She used Sheila's aggression against her. That approach isn't going to work all the time especially against a smart fighter who understands her approach. Sheila Gaff is not a smart fighter. Enjoy the video!

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