Thursday, April 25, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Shine 8

Today's edition of Big Bad Blog Video Theater is the the complete Shine 8 iPPV that was broadcast Mar. 23 in Ybor City, FL. Maybe you haven't seen Shine and this might encourage you to buy one of their shows. Shine is somewhat similar to Shimmer but it has a bit of a lighter tone partially because Daffney is your host. Shimmer is serious wrestling. This isn't as serious though the matches are pretty good. The quality of the matches is always going to be hit and miss. The main event was an eight girl tag match with Rain, Ivelisse Velez, Allysin Kay and Taylor Made of the heel group Valkyrie vs Amazing Kong, Angelina Love, Mia Yim and Christina Von Eerie. I'm not crazy about that many wrestlers in a match. It's too hard to follow the action and the cameras couldn't follow it either. It was also the only tag match on the whole show. Valkyrie won but the payoff was afterwards when the faces hit their finishers on Ivelisse. So the heels got their punishment. Jessica Havok vs Reby Sky came with an interesting story where monster heel Jessica doesn't think Reby belongs in the wrestling business. So if Reby loses she has to leave Shine. If Jessica loses, she has to say she respects Reby. I always believe that these kind of stips have to be equal. These stips were a tipoff that Reby would win. And so she did. But it was a good match and Reby sure knows how to take a beating. The match preceding this was very similar with cutie Kimberly beating big bruiser Leva Bates in a Fans Bring Weapons and I Quit match. It was OK if you like that sort of thing. They did the start of this match at the broadcast location. But they didn't have lights set up there so you can't see anything. The ref stopped the match when Leva was KOd so she didn't actually quit. We all know what that sets up. For me, the best match on the show was Mercedes Martinez vs Nikki Roxx. Mercedes is one of my favourites because she hits hard. And unlike a lot of these girls, she knows how to throw a punch. Nothing fancy about this match, just good solid action from veteran pros. The other matches on the show featured wrestlers who aren't that experienced and it showed. Santana Garrett beat veteran Sojo Bolt. Santana is very pretty but she is not a wrestler yet. I have seen her before. Same thing with Jayme Jameson who beat veteran Brandi Wine with Malia Hosaka in her corner. Jayme has the fitness model look but she needs to work on her ring skills. Brandi looks better now than she looked several years ago. And Malia interfered from the outside. Su Yung beat Brittney Savage. Brittney is trying to be a heel but doesn't look much like a heel. Unlike Jayme Jameson, Su Yung doesn't even look like she works out. Again, I have seen her before and like Santana, she's not much of a wrestler. And in the opener, Nikki St. John beat veteran Luscious Latasha. Nikki wears glasses in the ring which is at least different. She is a bit better at being a heel than Brittney Savage. So check it out. I have the whole show for you. by dm_50323cab1a60a by dm_50323cab1a60a by dm_50323cab1a60a by dm_50323cab1a60a

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