Monday, April 08, 2013

Ham Seo Hee gets JEWELS Featherweight title shot

Ham Seo Hee
JEWELS announced on their blog that JEWELS Featherweight Champion Sugi Rock will defend her title against Korean veteran Ham Seo Hee at the May 25 show at Shinjuku FACE. Sugi Rock's record is 8-2. But she is on a two fight losing streak and lost a non title match to Celine on Mar. 30. Ham is a Korean kickboxer who only does MMA in Japan. Her record is 9-5 and her last fight was a loss to Ayaka Hamasaki on the Dec. 17, 2011 JEWELS show. Ham was forced to quit due to a back injury. For the most part, Ham has fought at 52kg with the exception of of her Japanese debut at 48kg. She won over Hisae Watanabe Feb. 16, 2007 DEEP show. JEWELS is trying to justify giving Ham a title shot at that weight by saying that she has done kickboxing at 48kg including last year against Erika Kamimura. But the truth is the division is weak and Sugi Rock seems ripe for the picking. If she's going to drop the title, they would like her to drop it to a popular fighter. And Ham is popular. But dropping a fighter from 52kg to 48kg and giving her an immediate title shot shows how weak the 48kg division is. I believe VV Mei would clean up if she dropped to 48kg. She doesn't seem to want to do that. The one thing I will say about Ham is she is willing to fight anyone. Or at least anyone CMA Korea tells her to fight. But JEWELS trying to sell her as a Featherweight championship contender is weak.

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