Monday, April 22, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Joydrop

Song:Sometimes Wanna Die
Album:Women & Songs 6

The Canadian band Joydrop had an opportunity to be big mostly due to the beauty and strong vocals of Tara Slone. But it just didn't work out and they split up in 2001 after two CDs. Tara was studying music at Concordia University in Montreal and decided to move to Toronto to get into acting and music. She formed Joydrop in 1996 with guitarist Thomas Payne, bassist Tom McKay and drummer Tony Rabalao. Joydrop signed with Tommy Boy Records and released the CD Metasexual in 1998. It was moderately successful in Canada. Sometimes Wanna Die is from the 2001 CD Viberete. The video got some attention because it featured Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. The band also performed on the UPN TV series Special Unit 2. Sometimes Wanna Die was banned from some radio stations after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Then more bad luck. Tommy Boy had been co-owned by Warner Music since 1990. Warners was butting heads with Tommy Boy owner Tom Silverman over CD sales. Silverman bought Tommy Boy back from Warners and some artists were moved to other Warners labels. Some like Joydrop were dropped. The Joydrop CDs are out of print. But you can get Sometimes Wanna Die from this various artists comp from Warner Canada. Slone, McKay and Rabalao continued to work together. Rabalao released a CD as Leh-Lo in 2006. McKay and Slone appeared on it. Tara Slone was a contestant on the 2005 talent show Rock Star: INXS. She released the CD Just Look Pretty and Sing in 2007. Rabalao and McKay appeared on it. Tara Slone is currently the co-host of Breakfast Television at City TV Calgary. She has done some acting as well. Joydrop had potential but it wasn't meant to be. Here's the video for Sometimes Wanna Die by Joydrop.

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