Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Powerocks Magicstick portable charger recommended for Smartphones

No matter what kind of Smartphone you have, most users will agree that the number one complaint is that none of them can hold a charge. How many times has your phone pooped out while traveling? I was looking for a charger when I had my first Android phone a few years ago. But I found that most of the products were iPhone exclusive. I got a new phone a year and a half ago and the charge life hasn't been as big of an issue especially since I got a tablet a few months ago. I don't use the phone that much for data anymore. I use the tablet. The interest in a portable charger returned about a month ago when I got a text from Rogers owned RDeals for a portable charger. This would have been perfect. They deliver it and I am charged on my cable bill. But the order was canceled due to supplier problems. With a couple of concerts coming up, I decided to see if I could find this kind of product in Toronto. The product is called Powerocks Magicstick. Powerocks is a Chinese company. A Google search revealed that the only retail store in Toronto to carry this product is Mountain Equipment Co-op at King and Spadina. Fortunately my friend who goes to concerts with me is a bicycle enthusiast and he goes to MEC all the time. So I asked him to pick it up for me. There are two chargers available. The one pictured is the smaller of the two and it comes in various colours. It says on the box that it is iPhone compatible. But the Magicstick actually works with most Smartphones. It says that on MEC's website. All you have to do is plug the Magicstick cable into a USB port on a PC and the MagicStick light will turn blue when it is fully charged. Then you reverse the cable to charge the phone. The big question is does it work. I used it for the first time Friday when I went to see Esperanza Spalding at Massey Hall. In the past, I turn off the phone in the subway because there's no service. This time I turned off my Twitter app and plugged in the charger. It works. And I did the same thing during the concert and it charged the phone to 100%. in the past, my phone battery would drain dangerously close to nothing when I took these downtown trips. But this time, I had plenty of juice left on my trip home. Same thing on Saturday. So the Powerocks Magicstick is an unqualified success and I recommend it to any Smartphone user. It costs around $30.

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