Monday, April 30, 2012

WWE disappoints fans with returning Diva swerve

So here's the match video from the Divas Championship match from last night's WWE PPV. The storyline is so convoluted and what they did on last night's show was very deflating as you will be able to tell by the crowd's silence. So the first part of this is that The Bella Twins' contract expires today and they will leave the WWE. It's another example of why the WWE should stop hiring models to be wrestlers because they don't really want to be wrestlers and will leave at the first opportunity. The gimmick here is that they are twins. But neither of them can wrestle. Last week they had Nikki Bella win the WWE Divas Championship from Beth Phoenix when Beth suffered an ankle injury. Though Beth deserves a lot of credit for trying to sell the injury, it's not real. Obviously with the Bellas leaving, they have to get the belt off of Nikki. So originally the WWE scheduled a rematch for Beth Phoenix for last night's show. But obviously they wanted to sell the "injury" and canceled Beth's appearance and said Nikki would face a mystery opponent. The rumour was that the opponent would be Kharma and it was reported that she was at the show. Instead the opponent was former Miami Heat dancer Layla who has been out with a knee injury. Like Eve Torres, Layla has athletic ability but not wrestling ability. The funny part was that Kharma teased on Twitter that she was at the show and then said she was at home. That could be a swerve too. When Layla came out, the fans died and you could hear a pin drop during the match. Layla won the match but that was beside the point. I think fans really really really wanted to see Kharma destroy The Bella Twins. They don't care about Layla. So I think the WWE outsmarted themselves by not giving the fans what they want. Check out the match video for yourself.


  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    well it dose not matter much. because the hole diva divison is nothing but soft porn. now look at the japanesse wrestlers and what the females do to each other. they could be bigger then the men if they were handled right. good example chynia made a carre out of lowblows. but when she stop competeing against men. no more low blows. i for one is sick of this ball busting fetish. enough beef cake how about a little chesse cake!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I don't know-I get the feeling that the crowd simply had forgotten who Layla even was.