Monday, April 02, 2012

Rin Nakai vs Kyoko Kimura set for May 20 PANCRASE show in Okinawa

Kyoko Kimua, Rin Nakai
PANCRASE announced today that Rin Nakai vs Kyoko Kimura has been added to their May 20 show at 3F Koza Music Town in Okinawa. The match is Bantamweight and is scheduled for two five minute rounds. Rin is the former VALKYRIE Open Weight champion. She trains at Shooto Shikoku. Her record is 10-0-1 and her last fight was a draw against Danielle West at the Sept. 4 PANCRASE show. She had a problem with a stalker in December but I guess that has been resolved. Some fans ask me about Rin's sexy pics. I guess they don't like them. I think she enjoys doing them because she puts them up on her blog on a regular basis. She has done public appearances in a nurse uniform and a maid uniform. Cosplay is very popular in Japan. Sakura Hirota's entire pro wrestling career is based on cosplay. Rin Nakai is still a great athlete. Veteran pro wrestler Kyoko Kimura trains at Sakaguchi Family Dojo. Her record is 2-0-1 and she won over Korean kickboxer Kim Sung Eun at yesterday's PANCRASE show. Kimura's problem is she is ten years older than Rin but is inexperienced at MMA. This is the deep end of the pool for her. Rin has been an athlete since she was a child and competed in grappling as a teen. She's very experienced at age 25. BTW, fans have asked me why Rin isn't in JEWELS. There are female fighters who don't like the JEWELS rules and won't work there. That's an opening that PANCRASE needs to exploit. Shino VanHoose vs Kikuyo Ishikawa was previously announced for this show.

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