Monday, April 02, 2012

RENA out of Apr. 23 SHOOT BOXING show with broken foot

When SHOOT BOXING didn't announce RENA's opponent for the Apr. 23 Korakuen Hall show when they announced the rest of the card on Thursday, I knew something was up. Sure enough, they announced today that RENA is off the show with a broken foot. They announced a replacement match that I will get to in a minute. RENA first suffered the injury while training in December. It was diagnosed as a broken bone in her right foot. At first rest was prescribed to see if it would heal on its own. It was still bothering her when she tried to return to training. This time because the foot wasn't improving, she will have surgery this week at a hospital in Osaka. Of course RENA says she wants to return as soon as possible. She says she will attend the upcoming JKS48 tournament featuring her sister MIO. Because she is having surgery, my guess is RENA won't be ready for the S-Girls Cup in August. I don't think we'll see her until 2013. It's a big problem for SHOOT BOXING but they'll survive. The replacement match for the Apr. 23 show will be MIZUKI vs Mina. MIZUKI is the teen J-Girls kickboxer who also does MMA. She beat Ai Takahashi on the Feb. 5 SHOOT BOXING show. On the same show, Mina knocked out Kanako Oka. She's a college student. That's a pretty good replacement match.

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