Saturday, April 07, 2012

SHOOT BOXING announces new tournaments

unknown, RANNA, Yuki Kira, Takeshi Caesar, MIO, Naoko Otsuka, MARI
SHOOT BOXING owner Tekeshi Caesar sure does like tournaments. He held a press conference today to announce the lineup for the previously announced JKS48 tournament for teen girls. He has a total of six girls in this tournament. Two matches will be on the Apr. 13 Korakuen Hall show and then the semi finals and final will be on August's S-Girls Cup 2012 show. Other than RENA's little sister MIO, all of these girls are newcomers to SHOOT BOXING. Next week, MIO will face Yuki Kira and Naoko Otsuka will face RANNA. A girl who calls herself "unknown" and MARI get byes to the semi finals. Obviously MIO is the favourite because of her previous experience and Caesar wants to turn her into a star as big as her sister. But you never know. That's why they have the fights. You'll notice in the pic they are all wearing schoolgirl outfits. He also announced plans to so an S-Girls Cup 53.5 tournament so I guess this means the original S-Girls Cup tournament will be at 48kg. The Apr. 13 match between MIZUKI and Mina will be part of this tournament. Ai Takahashi will have her semi final match in June against an opponent to be named. And the final will be on the S-Girls Cup show in August. I guess this is a backup plan in case Caesar is unable to get the star power he wants for the 48kg tournament. Obviously RENA's injury influenced this decision.

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