Thursday, April 05, 2012

TAJIRI launches Wrestling New Classic

When SMASH closed last month, it was well known that TAJIRI would launch a new company very quickly. And it appears the plan is to pick up where SMASH left off. The conflict between TAJIRI and SMASH president Sakai is Sakai wanted to form an alliance with the legendary Genchiro Tenyru and his Tenyru Project and TAJIRI didn't want to do that. Because Sakai owned the name SMASH, the company needed to close. And today TAJIRI announced the new company is called Wrestling New Classic. TAJIRI says he wants to do old fashioned professional wrestling of high quality which he calls New Classic. The picture I have posted is from the WNC website. I wanted to see if a roster was posted but the website is just a shell right now. From what I can tell, it looks like most of the SMASH roster has joined WNC. Two shows were announced. A pre-debut show will be Apr. 26 at Shinjuku FACE followed by the official debut show May 24 at Korakuen Hall. The main event of the Apr. 26 show will be TAJIRI vs AKIRA. The winner of that match will face Dave Finley in the main event of the May 24 show. The other match announced for Apr. 26 is joshi tag team match with Kana & Io Shirai vs Syuri & Makoto. He also said Lin Bairon will participate. It was reported by Nikkan Sports that New Japan wrestler and current IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada is interested in working for WNC. Don't know how that will work.


  1. hey, the event took place. pretty stupid how tajiri lost. do u know anyway i could get videos of the match

  2. That was not the debut show. That was a pre-debut show. The debut show will be May 24 at Korakuen Hall. I don't know if the show was taped. But if it was, it will be edited to fit a time slot on Samurai TV in a couple of weeks.