Friday, April 13, 2012

MIZUKI, MIO, Otsuka win at SHOOT BOXING show

MIZUKI returns to her corner after the fight was stopped
At today's Korakuen Hall show, SHOOT BOXING had three women's matches. All were first round matches in a couple of tournaments. Things did not go well for Mina in her first round S-Girls 53.5 tournament match against J-Girls kickboxer MIZUKI. First, Mina missed weight and was given two red cards as a penalty. It didn't matter much. MIZUKI showed her punching power and Mina was bleeding from the nose by the end of round one. In round two, MIZUKI used her jab and Mina was bleeding again. It got worse in round three and the ringside doctor stopped the fight at 1:01 of round three. Ai Takahashi will face a fighter to be named in June and MIZUKI will face the winner in the tournament final in August. The other two fights were first round matches in the JKS48 tournament for schoolgirls. RENA's little sister MIO faced Yuki Kira. MIO dominated with punches and she even threw Kira in round two. MIO wins by unanimous decision. In the other match Naoko Otsuka faced RANNA. Otsuka dominated with punches. She continued the onslaught in round two and the fight was stopped at 1:33 of round two. At the press conference the other day, SHOOT BOXING owner Takeshi Caesar introduced six girls for this tournament. His plan is to have eight girls and run two more first round matches in June. But if he doesn't get two more girls, he will simply skip that and do the semi finals and final in August. He obviously doesn't have them or he would have introduced them last week. And he may not get them. So we'll have to wait on that.

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