Monday, April 02, 2012

Megumi Fujii vs Jessica Aguilar set for May 18 Bellator show

Megumi Fujii
I've known about this fight for a while but I just didn't know the location. It was announced today that Megumi Fujii will face Jessica Aguilar at the May 18 Bellator show in Lake Charles, LA. The problem is that Bellator president Bjorn Rebney has told two sources that the fight will be at 125lb, not 115. Huh? So there's been talk for at least a year that Bellator is planning a 125lb women's tournament. The monkey wrench is that Zoila Gurgel blew out her knee last October. If Bellator was going to do this tournament this year, she would have to be ready in August because Rebney won't do it without her. So this tournament is more likely to happen in 2013. Now he has Gurgel, Rosi Sexton and Jessica Eye under contract. He has said in interviews that he wants some of the 115lb fighters to fight at 125 because he's a cheapass weasel. He actually said he didn't want to pay for any more 125lb fighters. So yeah, he's cheap. So Jessica Aguilar told him a few months ago that she won't fight at 125. She thinks this fight is at 115 and she told me that on Twitter a few minutes ago. So if Rebney has announced this fight at 125 without clearing it with Jessica, that is a low thing for him to do. I don't know what weight it will be at but I will say that any 125lb championship tournament that doesn't have Tara LaRosa in it is a joke. I guess her price is too high despite Bellator being owned by VIACOM. It's not like they're short of money. I get very annoyed with promoters taking shortcuts and that's what Rebney is doing. In the end, hopefully he will get the message that this fight should be at 115. EDIT: Rebney has now said that the fight will be at 115 after twice saying it would be at 125. What a weasel.

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