Monday, April 30, 2012

Toshie Uematsu retires

Toshie Uematsu's retirement show was held today at the Pro Wrestling WAVE show at Korakuen Hall in front of 1443 fans. A great turnout for Toshie's retirement. Toshie is 38 years old and trained at GAEA. She debuted in 1995. Fans may recall that she won the WCW Women's Cruiserweight tournament. She beat Malia Hosaka in the final. The problem was GAEA left WCW right after that match was taped. Toshie is probably best known for her long running tag team with Ran Yu Yu. Ran recently announced her retirement but the date has yet to be announced. They held several titles together. In recent years, Toshie has continued to wrestle a regular schedule while training new girls at WAVE. Unlike a lot of veteran wrestlers, Toshie remains in great shape so she could certainly continue to work a regular schedule. But after last year's earthquake, her family asked her to quit wrestling and come home and take care of her mom who is apparently very ill. Toshie says she will continue to train girls for WAVE. In her retirement match, she teamed with Ran Yu Yu vs WAVE wrestlers Shu Shibutani and Moeka Haruhi. Unfortunately, the match went badly when Haruhi suffered a dislocated elbow. Reportedly, Toshie was very upset about that. After the match, the usual ten bell salute and gifts from friends including KAORU formerly of GAEA and now with OZ Academy. On behalf of all joshi fans, best of luck to Toshie Uematsu in her retirement. She will be missed but I wouldn't be surprised to see her return someday.

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