Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Yumiko Hotta says she has a secret plan for Amanda Lucas

On Feb. 18 at TDC Hall, Amanda Lucas will face veteran pro wrestler Yumiko Hotta for the first DEEP Women's Open Weight Championship. The problem is it has been so long since Hotta fought MMA, she can't be taken seriously. So to try and convince the media that Hotta as fighter isn't a joke, an open workout was held at the DEEP dojo today. It's doubtful that anyone was convinced that Hotta could win the match. She went through a few moves with her trainer. He is veteran fighter Hidetaka Monma. Monma has been around since 2001 and has probably worked for every MMA company in Japan. His record is 17-10-4. And he owns a dojo. So they did some sparring and groundwork. Apparently, Hotta is not training full time. She continues to work a full schedule for her joshi puroresu company REINA and she's managing that business too. She says she tries to train with Monma two or three times a week. She admitted she is way behind in technique. What do you expect? She hasn't fought MMA since 2000. Hotta isn't an idiot. Well, she is about some things. But she knows that she's behind the eight ball. Everyone thinks she's too old. She claims age is not important. She also had knee surgery last summer and she admitted she doesn't know if her knee will hold up. Monma says Hotta is a quick learner but she has a lot of bad habits she needs to break. The way she was talking it was like she was talked into doing this fight against her better judgement. Hotta said making weight shouldn't be a problem. And she thinks Monma is hot. Then she says she didn't want to show all her tricks at the workout because she has a secret plan to win the fight. Maybe she'll bring her infamous chain. Every underdog Japanese fighter has a secret plan that usually doesn't work out. I think Hotta was joking. Meanwhile on the DEEP blog, DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki teased that George Lucas might show up to the show. Oy! This has real train wreck potential.

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