Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Amanda Lucas vs Yumiko Hotta

Today on Big Bad Blog Video Theater I have Amanda Lucas vs Yumiko Hotta from yesterday's DEEP show at TDC Hall. This was for a worthless DEEP Open Weight Championship. Of course the problem is that Hotta is a broken down has been pro wrestler who hadn't fought MMA in over a decade. The result was that none of the Japanese media took the fight seriously. Their questions for Lucas the other day at her open workout were about Star Wars, not the fight. As for Hotta, even her fellow pro wrestler and best friend for 25 years Mima Shimoda laughed at her. And she admitted at her open workout that she was talked into taking the match against her better judgement. As expected, Lucas dominated the fight. Some reports have said that Hotta was surprisingly tough. I don't know what people are watching. In round one, Hotta exhibited good ground defense by pulling Lucas into guard. But she exhibited no offense and a Lucas armlock attempt was saved by the bell. I thought Lucas should have pounded her more. And I guess her corner told her that too because she did exactly that in round two. And I think the fight should have been stopped. I've seen a lot of fights stopped for less. Hotta was just squirming around. She wasn't responding. Not surprisingly, Lucas was getting arm weary. So at the start of round three, Hotta landed a couple of punches. When Lucas took her down, she fluked into a guillotine choke. But Lucas escaped easily and then ended it with a V1 armbar. It was about what I expected. I'd like to see Amanda Lucas fight someone halfway decent instead of tomato cans set up for celebrity fawning. Until then, I can't tell you if she's good or not. Supposedly she wants to drop to 145 but she's never done that. If you recall, she missed weight for her fight against Hikaru Shinohara. Why do you think this was Open Weight?

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