Monday, February 27, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Hot Hot Heat

Artist:Hot Hot Heat
Song:Talk To Me, Dance With Me
Album:Make Up The Breakdown

The Canadian band Hot Hot Heat started out in 1999 as a synthesizer influenced noise punk band. They toned it down after some personnel changes and are now heavily influenced by 70s punk. The 2002 CD is probably their most successful recording to date. Hot Hot Heat are from Shawinigan Lake, BC. Lead singer and keyboard player Steve Bays and bassist Dustin Hawthorne had played together in several bands. They met drummer Paul Hawley in 1998 and he brought a keyboard with him to see if Bays could play it. Matthew Marnik was the original lead singer. The group released an EP in 1999 that could best be described as Synthpunk. Marnik left and Bays took over the vocals and guitarist Dante DeCaro was added. So they became a more 70s punk influenced band. After some touring and a few singles, they signed with Seattle based indie label Sub Pop. Make Up The Breakdown was their full length debut CD produced by veteran Sub Pop producer Jack Endino. The album got a lot of critical acclaim but Hot Hot Heat were never going to be a big chart success. Their niche was dance punk. Make Up The Breakdown is considered their best record to date. DeCaro left to join Wolf Parade in 2005 and was replaced by Luke Paquin. They also signed with Warner Bros. for their 2005 CD Elevator. They got lost in the shuffle there and that would not have happened at Sub Pop. After a two year hiatus, Hot Hot Heat signed with Toronto based indie label Dine Alone Records and their latest CD Future Breeds was released in June 2010. The group is still touring and I expect new music is on the way in the near future. Hot Hot Heat will appeal to punk music fans. Here's the video for Talk To Me, Dance With Me by Hot Hot Heat.

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