Saturday, February 25, 2012

Could Nanae Takahashi be the next opponent for Amanda Lucas

Nanae Takahashi
STARDOM owner Rossy Ogawa posted on his blog that DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki wants either Nanae Takahashi or Yuzuki Aikawa to face Amanda Lucas on an future DEEP show. Ogawa not only said he would not allow either of them to do MMA but he said that Saeki has been bugging him about Takahashi for a long time. It appears that Saeki booked Yumiko Hotta for the fight after Ogawa said no to booking Takahashi. So the question is would either of them want to do MMA. Because Ogawa can say he won't allow it but if they want to do MMA, he can't stop them. I think it's very doubtful that Aikawa would be interested. She's a bikini model turned pro wrestler and she's still very inexperienced at pro wrestling. The only thing I wonder about is all these girls at STARDOM idolize Fuuka and she did MMA and SHOOT BOXING. So any of them might want to emulate her. Also, Aikawa is too small for Lucas. Takahashi is a different story. She is a 16 year veteran pro wrestler currently working for STARDOM as a wrestler and trainer. She is 33 years old. Back in 2010, she was supposed to make her SHOOT BOXING debut on the S-Girls Cup show in August. But they couldn't find an opponent for her so she did an exhibition match with Fuuka. I wrote about this at this link. So Takahashi has shown interest in legit fighting. The other thing is she is very good friends with Yumiko Hotta and attended the DEEP show to support her. Who knows how that might have affected her thinking? Takahashi is a good size matchup for Lucas. She is 5'9" and has lost about 20lbs and weighs 140. She looks to be in better shape than I have ever seen her and I have covered her whole career. But does she want to put in the time training for MMA? And I would like to see her do at least one match before she faces Amanda Lucas. So if Takahashi wants to do MMA, I could certainly see her as a potential opponent for Amanda Lucas. Tip of the hat to Zach Arnold of Fight Opinion for the item on Ogawa's blog.

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