Sunday, February 12, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Whitesnake

Song:Here I Go Again
Album:The Definitive Collection

Here I Go Again was the only number one hit for the British hard rock group Whitesnake. Whether one likes this kind of music or not, you can't deny that the song has a great hook. Many fans were already familiar with lead singer David Coverdale when he replaced Ian Gillan in Deep Purple. He joined the band in 1973. When he left Deep Purple in 1976, he recorded two solo albums which turned into the band Whitesnake in 1978. His first solo album was called White Snake. He was already working with former Juicy Lucy guitarist Micky Moody and then added guitarist Bernie Marsden from Babe Ruth. Whitesnake recorded four albums from 1978-81. They did OK in England but couldn't break through in the US market. Coverdale put the band on hiatus to take care of his sick daughter. When he reformed Whitesnake, it was mostly with all new members including drummer Cozy Powell. Here I Go Again was originally recorded for the 1982 album Saints and Sinners. Whitesnake signed a US record deal with Geffen Records in 1984. David Geffen and his A & R guy John Kalodner insisted that some songs should be remixed. So for the 1987 album Whitesnake, they re-recorded Here I Go Again. Other than emphasizing the chorus, they didn't change the song much. New guitarist Adrian Vandenburg played the guitar solo. Here I Go Again topped the Billboard Hot 100. Another single Is This Love reached #2 and the album went 8XPlatinum. So it was a huge hit for them. I'm sure many fans remember the video featuring actress Tawny Kitaen who would later marry Coverdale. Whitesnake continued to have success and Coverdale leads them today. This budget comp is a good intro to their music. The problem is the band has gone through so many personnel changes that their music is inconsistent. They split up in 1994 and reunited for the 1997 album Restless Heart. Then they split up again and reformed in 2002. In recent years, David Coverdale had trouble with his voice in 2009. But he recovered and Whitesnake released a CD last year. And they continue to tour. Other than Coverdale, none of the original Whitesnake members are involved. Here's the video for Here I Go Again by Whitesnake.

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