Monday, February 20, 2012

Puroresu fed five announces debut

Yu Nishino, YUI, Shiho Tsubaki, Haruka Nasagawa
The pro wrestling business in Japan is so bad that I don't understand why any sane person would want to get into the business. But we seem to have potential zombie feds sprouting up every week. There must be a lot of money marks in Japan. I'm writing about this company because there are joshi wrestlers involved. The company is called five which stands for Fighting Irregular Versus Entertainment. The company will have both male and female wrestlers all with less than three years experience. Does that remind you of anything? Well, that was TAKA Michinoku's original concept for K-DOJO. That's not a coincidence as joshi wrestler and company manager Shiho Tsubaki used to work for K-DOJO. They will debut on Mar. 11 at Kinema Klub in Tokyo and they also have shows scheduled in May and July. I think they have to run more frequently to build any kind of fanbase. They also have a mystery man GM called Mr. K. And it appears the money mark is a university professor. Tsubaki says she likes the three year limit because she wants to build for the future. STARDOM is already doing something similar with joshi except they have a couple of experienced pros to pick up the slack for the greenhorns. And they're running shows more frequently. five's roster will have four guys and five girls. Of course Tsubaki will be one of the five girls. Yui Ichikawa or as she will be called, YUI, is 26 years old and according to her blog, she's an actress. Two of them are teenagers. Haruka Nasagawa just turned sixteen last month and Yu Nishino turned sixteen in November. Erica Komiyama was not at the press conference. How long will five last? I guess it depends on how deep the money mark's pockets are.

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