Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gail Kim retains TNA Knockouts Championship

Here's the match video of Gail Kim vs Tara from Sunday's TNA PPV. My main complaint about the match is it's way too short. TNA gave the girls six minutes and the Garrett Bischoff nonsense got 12 minutes. It just shows that no matter what the TNA Knockouts do to improve the product, they will still be low in the pecking order. You'll notice they are doing an injury angle with Tara. I wonder if this will lead to retirement. There's no question she has lost a step and her moves aren't as crisp as they once were. And of course as we first saw at Impact a couple of weeks ago, they are splitting Gail Kim and Madison Rayne up which will lead to a title match on the next PPV. And they are still the tag team champs. I'm not surprised they are splitting up but I think it's too soon for that. I expect Madison to get booed because she is more cowardly than Gail. It should be clear by now that TNA really really likes Madison because she does whatever she is asked to do including dumbing down her mat skills. But like Velvet Sky, I don't believe Madison has the ring skills to deliver a good match on a PPV. I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that Vince Russo left TNA today. Two years too late, I guess. Bruce Prichard has been head of creative for a while. I wonder if Dave Lagana will be brought in as he has been working on the Indian show. BTW, other than the Mickie vs Melissa match, I hate that show. None of the Indian guys can wrestle and the matches are terrible. And for all the supposed crowd enthusiasm, they're still adding a lot of crowd noise in post production.

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