Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beth Phoenix retains WWE DIVAS Championship over Tamina Snuka

Here's the match video from Beth Phoenix vs Tamina Snuka from Sunday's WWE PPV. The match begins five minutes into the video but I do recommend you watch the clip featuring John Cena and some FCW guys at Cena's gym. Obviously the WWE is trying to push Tamina based on her being Jimmy Snuka's daughter. I don't really have a problem with that. But Tamina is very green and I think the gimmick is one dimensional. She has potential but it's a little early for her to be champ especially over a ten year pro wrestling veteran like Beth Phoenix. The match itself is OK. It's nothing special. The big moment was when Beth kicked out of Tamina's Superfly Splash finisher and Beth finished her soon after. Back to the drawing board for Tamina Snuka. Over the weekend, Beth did an interview with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald. It's a good interview so be sure to check it out. One thing that caught my attention is when Beth said that it's not how much TV time she gets, it's what she does with what she gets. Though I agree with her to a point, I still believe that the WWE is not using her properly. Beth has the looks, the ring skills and the verbal skills to be one of the biggest stars on the WWE roster. But she needs to be on TV every single week and she is not. It is well known that the WWE really likes the pop that Kelly Kelly gets when she comes to the ring. Beth doesn't get that same pop. And I also think the WWE dropped the ball on the beating up models storyline. A lot more could have been done with it. So now they are back to Natalya jobbing to those models along with the ridiculous farting. Ugh! One would think that Kharma would be the next opponent for Beth Phoenix. But in a recent interview, Trish Stratus expressed interest in facing Beth at Wrestlemania. And the most interesting thing about that is that Beth and Trish were both trained by Ron Hutchison at Sully's Gym in Toronto and actually trained together when Trish was recovering from a back injury in 2001. So there's your angle for that match. Enjoy the video!
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