Sunday, October 02, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ketlen Vieira vs Kelly Fazsholz

Here's the match video of Ketlen Vieira vs Kelly Fazsholz from last night's UFC show in Portland. This aired on UFC Fight Pass. Kelly lost her UFC debut to Lauren Murphy. But she looked pretty good coming in on short notice. Kelly is from Santa Rosa, CA and she trains at Nor-Cal with former UFC fighter David Terrell. Ketlen trains at Nova Uniao in Brazil. Her record is 6-0 but one never knows how padded that is. So who wants to win this fight? Well, as it turned out, nobody. Kelly looked terrible in round one. It's like she was in a fog. Ketlen took her down a couple of times. But she was unable to advance her position past closed guard. Kelly can be credited with good defense. But Ketlen admitted after the fight that she should have done more in top position. She almost gave the fight away because of inactivity. This continued in round two. It entered lay and pray territory. Ref Dan Miragliotta stood them up twice. The second time was a little quick. Despite her inactivity in top position, I scored both rounds 10-9 for Ketlen. Between rounds, Kelly's corner told her to wake up. And she actually looked a lot better in round three. And I think Ketlen pooped out. So I scored round three 10-9 Kelly. I thought she needed a finish. So I scored the fight 29-28 of Ketlen almost by default. Neither fighter was very impressive. And two of the three judges scored it the same way. But the third judge scored round two 10-9 for Kelly. So Ketlen won by split decision. It just shows that getting takedowns isn't enough. She needed to be more active after the takedown. Kelly said afterwards that she doesn't know what happened in the first two rounds. So we have a fighter beat herself and her opponent almost gave the fight back to her. That's not what I want to see. Enjoy the video!

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