Saturday, October 15, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Teddy Riley

Artist:Teddy Riley f/Tammy Lucas
Song:Is It Good To You
Album:Juice: Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Of course Teddy Riley invented New Jack Swing. He was the leader of Guy and Blackstreet. But he has rarely recorded as Teddy Riley. Is It Good To You is from the 1992 film Juice and the soundtrack was very successful. Riley was born Oct. 8, 1967 in Harlem, NY. As a child, Riley played piano in church. His uncle owned the club The Rooftop and he built a studio in the club and Riley spent a lot of time there. He formed a partnership with Gene Griffin and they formed Guy. The group was successful but Riley and Griffin split up and that killed Guy. Meanwhile Riley was producing all kinds of hits for Keith Sweat, Johnny Kemp, Bobby Brown, The Winans and Michael Jackson's 1991 album Dangerous. After Guy folded and before Riley started Blackstreet, the soundtrack for the 1992 film Juice was being put together by producers Gary G-Wiz and Hank Shocklee and MCA Records exec Kathy Nelson. The goal was to produce a film soundtrack that would outsell New Jack City. So Riley was asked to contribute a song. Others on the soundtrack include Eric B & Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Aaron Hall and Salt N' Pepa. Riley was between groups so this was the first time he recorded as Teddy Riley. The singer Tammy Lucas sounds great but she recorded a total of one single as a solo artist. She did appear on the 1996 A Tribe Called Quest single 1nce Again. But she had success writing songs usually with Riley. She wrote songs for Stephanie Mills, The Winans and Starpoint. The rapper in the video is Aqil Davidson of Wrecks-N-Effect. He appears in the remix that is not on the Juice soundtrack CD. Is It Good To You was one of four singles from the Juice soundtrack that charted. So it was successful and it's recommended to New Jack Swing fans. Riley returned to his production schedule and of course Blackstreet. Here's the video for Is It Good To You by Teddy Riley featuring Tammy Lucas and Aqil Davidson.

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