Monday, October 31, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

Here's the match video of Charlotte vs Sasha Banks from Hell In A Cell. This was the first time women would be in a HIAC match. This show was promoted as a triple main event. HHH wanted the women's match to close the show. Of course Vince McMahon resisted this but eventually agreed to it. So this was the first time ever that women headlined a PPV. Of course there are still double standards. For example, most fans look at a high flyer like Sin Cara and think nothing of his flying stunts. But when Sasha performs similar stunts, these same fans think she will kill herself. It's nonsense. Of course the WWE is aware of this fan perception. And Sasha sure likes to take bumps. So that's how this match started with Sasha going through the announce table. They put her on a stretcher to take her away when she predictably rises from the dead, so to speak. And then the match really gets going. And it's pretty good for the most part. You can watch the match for yourself. They both performed great. Unfortunately, the ending was screwed up. They tried some things with tables that didn't work and then went straight to Charlotte's finisher for the win. It was very flat. So what happened? It turns out the ending was changed on the fly. Sasha was supposed to win and the ref was told that Charlotte would win instead. Why did they do this? You may recall Michael Cole mentioning that Charlotte has never lost a PPV match. The WWE loves pointless winning streaks. UGH! BTW, Sasha was fine afterwards. She didn't kill herself. She's really good at taking bumps. Enjoy the video!
Sasha Banks vs Charlotte - Hell In A Cell Title... by divasfanwwe

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