Wednesday, October 05, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lou Gramm

Artist:Lou Gramm
Song:Just Between You And Me
Album:Long Hard Look

Of course Lou Gramm is best known as the lead singer of the popular 80s group Foreigner. But he had success as a solo artist in the late 80s. He had two top ten hits including Just Between You And Me in 1989. He was born Louis Grammatico May 2, 1950 in Rochester, NY. His mom was a singer and his dad played trumpet. He started out playing in bands in high school. And one of those bands Black Sheep released two albums on Capitol in the mid-70s. They split up after their equipment truck wrecked and they couldn't afford to tour. Gramm had gone to a Spooky Tooth concert and he gave Mick Jones a copy of Black Sheep's album in hopes of touring with them. When Spooky Tooth split up, Jones was looking for a lead singer for a new band. That band was Foreigner and Gramm was lead singer. Foreigner was very successful for the next decade. But Jones and Gramm had a very volatile relationship. Gramm released the solo album Ready Or Not in 1987. Gramm produced the album and wrote most of the songs with Black Sheep bassist Bruce Turgon including the top five hit Midnight Blue. Gramm's dad even played trumpet on the album. So Jones kicked Gramm out of Foreigner. He returned to finish the 1987 album Inside Information. Gramm released his second solo album Long Hard Look in 1989. By then, he left Foreigner. This album was produced by Peter Wolf of J. Geils Band. Just Between You And Me reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. I'm sure Gramm could have been successful if he had continued his solo career. But instead he formed Shadow King. They released a 1991 album and split up when guitarist Viv Campbell joined Def Leppard. Gramm went into rehab and was a born again Christian when he got out. He reluctantly rejoined Foreigner in 1998. By then Gramm had surgery for a brain tumour and he has had health problems since then. He left Foreigner in 2003 to form a band with his brothers. Gramm released a Christian rock album in 2009. He currently tours as Lou Gramm the voice of Foreigner playing his old hits on the nostalgia circuit. Here's the video for Just Between You And Me by Lou Gramm.


  1. Good song. I heard that one a lot in the 80's and early 90's on the radio. Of course I heard a ton of Foreigner in the 70's. They had a lot of hits and hit records back then. I loved their music and so did everybody else.

  2. Sorry Frank my bad. I meant I listen to Foreigner back in the 80's. Not the 70's wrong decade.