Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Terry Jacks

Artist:Terry Jacks
Song:Seasons In the Sun
Album:Seasons In The Sun

Seasons In The Sun was a worldwide chart topper in 1974. It was the only big hit for Canadian singer songwriter Terry Jacks. He was born Mar. 29, 1944 in Winnipeg. He moved to Vancouver in the 60s. He had some success in the mid-60s with his group The Chessman. Then he met Susan Pesklevits. They married and formed The Poppy Family. After several hits including the worldwide smash hit Which Way You Goin', Billy?, they divorced and The Poppy Family ended. Seasons In The Sun was written by legendary French songwriter Jacques Brel. Poet Rod McKuen wrote the English lyrics as he did for many of Brel's songs. It had been recorded in the 60s by The Kingston Trio and The Fortunes. Jacks recorded Seasons in the Sun in his Vancouver studio. He pitched it to The Beach Boys. He was good friends with Al Jardine. They recorded it with Jacks producing. They decided not to release it. So Jacks decided to release it on his own label Goldfish Records. Bell Records picked it up for the US. Like most of Brel's songs, Seasons in the sun is supposed to be sardonic. But Jacks decided to give the song a more sentimental tone. He was criticized for that. But it didn't matter as Seasons in the Sun was a worldwide chart topper. Otherwise Jacks had modest success at the time. He recorded two albums and the produced Chilliwack, Nana Mouskouri and later on The Beach Boys. Seasons In The Sun was released on CD with bonus tracks in 2008. After recording a couple of albums in the 80s, Jacks left the music business to concentrate on producing films about the environment. This mostly has to do with pulp mill pollution in BC. He has won awards for his work. He continues to do that today. Here's Terry Jacks performing Seasons in the Sun on Beat Club in Germany 1974. This video is not on Youtube.
Terry Jacks | Seasons In The Sun by phatt

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