Monday, August 29, 2016

Can Mika Nagano save DEEP JEWELS?

Saturday's DEEP JEWELS show was at Differ Ariake and it was run back to back with a DEEP show. I'm hoping they do this in the future as DEEP JEWELS shouldn't try to run standalone shows. They are really short on star power. DEEP JEWELS matchmaker Shigeru Saeki makes more money farming out fighters to foreign organizations. So the cupboard is bare. The main event of this show featured the return of Mika Nagano. Mika was a college wrestler who was dubbed Future Princess when she turned pro. Part of this is because she is very attractive. Saeki thought she was already a star. But she underperformed as a fighter and she retired in 2014 to get married and have a baby. No doubt Saeki was after her to return once Mika gave birth last year. And she fought Sachiko Fujimori on the main event of this show. That just shows how low the talent level is because Mika shouldn't be on the main event of anything. After getting hammered by Fujimori for two rounds, Mika pulled out a win with a third round armbar. I wouldn't depend on her to save DEEP JEWELS. She almost lost this fight. Mina Kurobe beat Tomo Maesawa in a very close unanimous decision. It shows that DEEP JEWELS needs to stop doing two round matches. The third round is needed to determine a clear winner. This is the biggest change that stupid old fart Saeki must make. But I doubt he will do it. That's why he's an old fart. My guess is Mina will get the next Atomweight title shot. Just remember that at 39 years old, she's too old to be a young prospect. Kanna Asakura has the potential to be a prospect in the Strawweight division. She won her DEEP JEWELS debut by unanimous decision over Yoon Ha Hong. Other matches had German Tanja Hoffman over Leader DATE by unanimous decision, A strong first round got Pan Hui a unanimous decision win over Yuko Kiryu. And Yukari Nabe won over Nao DATE by unanimous decision.

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