Sunday, August 14, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Dani

Song:Sans Asterisque
Album:Hot French Chicks In The Garage

Daniele Graule Was an actress, singer and model who recorded in the late 60s as Dani. Her exotic look went a long way in the French music scene. She would go on to have drug problems. But she made a big comeback in the new millennium. She was born Nov. 24, 1944 in Perpignan, France which is on the Spanish border. Apparently famed artist Salvador Dali spent a lot of time there. Danielle went to a local art school but she really wanted to be a singer. So she moved to Paris in 1963. At first she had success as a model working with top photographers like Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. Her looks got her enough attention in Paris clubs that she was able to get a record deal with Ducretet Thomson. She released a few singles in 1966 including Sans Asterisque. The song was written by veteran songwriter Frederic Botton. The record was produced by Tony Clarke who at the time was a house producer for Decca Records. He had a lot of success producing The Moody Blues. You never know who will turn up on these ye ye records. The problem was Ducretet Thomson was not a pop music label. Most of their music was aimed at an older audience. So Dani had to switch to Pathe to have more success. You can get Sans Asterisque on this comp available as an mp3. Dani went on to have success on the Paris club scene. She also got into movies especially the 1973 Francois Truffault film La Nuit Americaine. In the late 70s, her involvement in clubs led to drug addiction. And that was the end of Dani's music career. In the 80s and 90s, Dani continued to appear in films and TV. A 1993 return to music with Jean-Jacques Brunel of The Stranglers didn't pan out. Finally French pop star Etienne Daho brought her into the recording studio in 2000 to record an old Serge Gainsbourg song called Boomerang. That song was considered to be too risque when Dani first recorded it in the 70s. The song was such a big hit that Dani is still touring and recording as a grandma. Who'd a thunk it? Here's the video for Sans Asterisque by Dani. Thanks to RFI Music for the Dani bio.

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