Friday, July 01, 2016

Two more matches added to Invicta FC 18 prelims

As expected, Invicta added a couple of prelims to Invicta FC 18 July 29 in Kansas City. The first match will have Bantamweight Aspen Ladd facing Jessica Hoy. Aspen is 21 years old from Folsom, CA. Her record is 3-0. I have liked what I have seen from her so far. But I think it's time to move her up the card a little bit. She needs to fight a higher competition level. Jessica is from Bellingham, WA. She won her only fight but she's unproven. Maybe Aspen's camp want to bring her along slowly. The second fight will have Atomweight Tessa Simpson vs Simona Soukupova. Tessa is from Austin, TX. Her record is 4-1 but that's since 2009. Her last fight was a win over the Japanese fighter Sarami at a PXC show in Guam. That was after a three year break. Despite the Russian name, Simona is a Brit. I've seen her before. Her record is 5-3-1. She was on an Invicta show in 2003 but she's nothing special. And she's 39 years old. She's too old to be a prospect. Several fans on Twitter asked me about Invicta matchmaking. In the end, it comes down to money. It's a lot cheaper to bring in two Brazilian teammates with heavily padded records than to bring in one more qualified fighter from Europe. They are more concerned about saving a few bucks than bringing in top fighters. Here's the one thing you need to remember about Invicta. If a fighter signs with UFC, Bellator or WSOF, those contracts are exclusive. The fighter can't go anywhere else. Invicta contracts are non-exclusive. They aren't worth the paper they are printed on. So it's easy to toss them around like they mean something when they actually mean nothing. They don't have to fulfill the contract because it's not exclusive. They can sign a fighter to a multi fight contract and then "see ya" after one fight. And they've done this to fighters. Multi fight non-exclusive contracts are a dog and pony show intended to fool fans and fighters. They are unnecessary.


  1. I have the feeling Frank, you have lost a lot of respect and liking for the whole Invicta organization. The fact they are holding their next show at Kansas City probably does not impress you either Frank. I noticed you did not write up a whole review of their fight card. To bad, you and me and others really like Invicta when they first started out. I guess we all high hopes back then. Well so be it. Take care Frank. I hope you enjoyed the Jazz concert last night. Yours Defshepard.

  2. I did review the whole card when it was announced a couple of weeks ago.

    1. Yes you did Frank, my bad. I had forgotten about that review.