Sunday, July 24, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Felice Herrig vs Kailin Curran

Here's the match video of Felice Herrig vs Kailin Curran from last night's UFC show in Chicago. Felice is a veteran kickboxer fighting in front of her home town fans in Chicago. As an MMA fighter, she's a little shaky. After her loss to Paige VanZant last year, Felice took a break to get her act together. The smartest thing she did was return to former trainer and Bellator fighter Jeff Curran. I have always seen a marked improvement in Felice when she trains with him. Kailin is from Hawaii. She won her last fight over Emily Kagan who was released shortly after. Kailin's biggest flaw is she tends to lose concentration during fights. And that has cost her fights. I don't think she belongs in the UFC. Kailin went for a takedown. Felice not only blocked it but she executed her own successful takedown. And then she made a really slick move to take Kailin's back. Kailin tried to escape by standing. But it didn't work and Felice won by rear naked choke. That move Felice made to take Kailin's back is not something I would expect from her. But Jeff Curran should get a lot of the credit. She just seems to click with him. Not only did it get Felice the win but she got $50,000 for the sub of the night. And no question winning like that in her home town is a big deal. If she stays with Curran, who knows what she could do? Enjoy the video!

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  1. Because she is a native of Crystal Lake, IL. I am happy for her. I just hope she keeps winning and moves up the ladder so to speak and one day wears a championship belt. We will see Frank, how she does in the future.